Sam Hertig, PhD

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Visual Science Communication

Nuclear Pore Complex

rendering of rna export platform in nuclear pore complex
  • This rendering illustrates how scientists determined parts of the structure of the RNA export platform, and its relative position within the nuclear pore complex
  • The circular plot symbolizes the interaction analysis between different proteins
  • Client: Laboratory of Cellular and Structural Biology, The Rockefeller University (2016)
  • Software: Cheetah 3D, UCSF Chimera, and Adobe Photoshop

Interactive Visualization of Research Areas

Tracing Water

illustration on key processes in the hydrological cycle
  • Illustration on key processes in the hydrological cycle
  • Client: Prof. Corinna Hoose, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (2017)
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator and Blender

Tutorial: Creating Web-Based Interactive Molecular Visualizations

  • Online tutorial on how to create a flexible and fully customizable 3D visualization that allows anyone with access to the internet to explore a biomolecule interactively
  • Client: Gaël McGill for (2017)
  • Software: three.js and UCSF Chimera

Collaborative Network in Swiss Systems Biology

SonoEyes: Get Sonographic Vision

  • Scientific poster on SonoEyes, a mixed reality application for the Microsoft HoloLens; presented at the Swiss Medtech Day 2019
  • High-resolution pdf
  • Created for Incremed AG (2019)
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator

Sound of Molecules

  • Scientists and artists teamed up with the argovia philharmonic orchestra to create the collabrative audio-visual art piece The Sound of Molecules, stimulating the societal debate about the ethical challenges of synthetic biology
  • Client: NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering, University of Basel (2017)
  • Software: Adobe AfterEffects

Cozy Hydroxycholesterol

visualization of a hydroxycholesterol molecule bound to an oxysterol-binding-protein
  • Visualization of a hydroxycholesterol molecule bound to an oxysterol-binding-protein, which is implicated in signal transduction pathways in both yeast and humans
  • Client: California Institute of Technology (2019)
  • Software: Autodesk Maya and UCSF Chimera

Structural Biology of HIV

  • Scientific poster on the molecular structure of the immature HI virion
  • Presented at the conference series Visualizing Biological Data (VIZBI) 2015, earned the best poster award
  • High-resolution pdf
  • Created for University of California, San Francisco (2015)
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator and UCSF Chimera

How to Cut DNA?

  • Interactive visualization illustrating the structural mechanism of CRISPR gene editing (web experiment, 2017)
  • Software: three.js and UCSF Chimera

Fibronectin as a Mechanosensor

HIV in Blood Serum

  • Video illustrating the structure of a HI virus in blood serum
  • Created for a competition hosted on (2013)
  • Tools: Lego bricks and autoPACK (Graham Johnson et al.)

About Me

  • Offering interactive visualizations, graphics, and videos for selected clients, with an emphasis on visual communication of data and concepts in science and technology
  • Leading workshops and seminars on the topics of: Scientific Poster Design, Best Practices for Scientific Visualization, Interactive Data Visualization with D3.js, and Adobe Illustrator for Scientists
  • Past clients include: ETH Zurich, Stanford University, CalTech, Universidade de Lisboa, Uni Basel, and Comerge AG
  • Currently a software engineer and project lead at Incremed, a Zurich-based MedTech startup
  • My publications on Google Scholar
  • Other creative endeavors: Photography, bass player for TonTopf
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