Sam Hertig, PhD

Visual Science Communication & Medical Software

Visual Science Communication

  • Offering interactive visualizations, graphics, and videos for selected clients, with an emphasis on visual communication of data and concepts in science and technology
  • Leading workshops and seminars on the topics of: Scientific Poster Design, Best Practices for Scientific Visualization, Interactive Data Visualization with D3.js, and Adobe Illustrator for Scientists
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  • Past clients include: ETH Zurich, Stanford University, CalTech, Universidade de Lisboa, and Comerge AG

About Me

  • I am currently working as a Technical Product Manager for Incremed, a Zurich-based MedTech startup. Our product SonoEyes is an Augmented Reality app that aims to improve ergonomics and hand-eye coordination during medical imaging procedures by using the Microsoft HoloLens 2
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  • Other creative endeavors:


Nuclear pore complex

rendering of rna export platform in nuclear pore complex
  • This rendering illustrates how a team of scientists determined parts of the structure of the RNA export platform, and its relative position within the nuclear pore complex. The circular plot symbolizes the interaction analysis between different proteins in the complex.
  • Client: Laboratory of Cellular and Structural Biology, The Rockefeller University (2016)
  • Software: Cheetah 3D, UCSF Chimera, and Adobe Photoshop

Interactive visualization of research areas

Tracing water

illustration on key processes in the hydrological cycle
  • Illustration on key processes in the hydrological cycle
  • Client: Prof. Corinna Hoose, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (2017)
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator and Blender

Tutorial: Creating Web-Based Interactive Molecular Visualizations

  • Online tutorial on how to create a 3D visualization tool that allows anyone with access to the internet to explore a biomolecule interactively. The goal is not to program software for data analysis, but to craft a flexible, fully customizable and powerful data presentation tool.
  • Client: GaĆ«l McGill for (2017)
  • Software: three.js and UCSF Chimera

Collaborative network in Swiss Systems Biology

SonoEyes: Get Sonographic Vision

  • Scientific poster on SonoEyes, an Augmented Reality application for the Microsoft HoloLens. Presented at the Swiss Medtech Day 2019.
  • High-resolution pdf
  • Created for Incremed AG (2019)
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator

Sound of Molecules

  • The collabrative audio-visual art piece The Sound of Molecules premiered in Basel on 27 August 2017. A group of NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering scientists and Swiss artists teamed up with the argovia philharmonic orchestra to create a performance that stimulates the societal debate about the ethical challenges of synthetic biology.
  • Client: NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering, University of Basel (2017)
  • Software: Adobe AfterEffects

Cozy hydroxycholesterol

visualization of a hydroxycholesterol molecule bound to an oxysterol-binding-protein
  • Visualization of a hydroxycholesterol molecule bound to an oxysterol-binding-protein, which is implicated in signal transduction pathways in both yeast and humans.
  • Client: California Institute of Technology (2019)
  • Software: Autodesk Maya and UCSF Chimera

Structural biology of HIV

  • Scientific poster on the molecular structure of the immature HI virion. Presented at the conference series Visualizing Biological Data (VIZBI) 2015. Earned the best poster award.
  • High-resolution pdf (19 Mb)
  • Created for University of California, San Francisco (2015)
  • Software: Adobe Illustrator and UCSF Chimera

How to cut DNA?

  • Interactive visualization illustrating the structural mechanism of CRISPR gene editing (web experiment, 2017)
  • Software: three.js and UCSF Chimera

Fibronectin as a mechanosensor

HIV in blood serum

  • Video illustrating the structure of a HI virus in blood serum.
  • Created for a competition hosted on (2013)
  • Tools: Lego bricks and autoPACK (Graham Johnson et al.)